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After over 100 episodes of this trash, I am SOOO fed-up with this program. With all my built-up discontent, I have to fire off.

So here we go.
I watched the original throughout my childhood, and this show is quite honestly the most insulting thing I have EVER watched on television.

From "Let's Get Serious" to "The Return of Slade", this show tries to imply that it is a BAD idea to be more serious. Serious themes are NEVER a bad idea as long as it is executed properly (see: Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, original Teen Titans, certain story arcs of Adventure Time). With a good balance of lightheartedness and comedy, a serious action show becomes that much more lovable. But Teen Titans Go seems to want to convey the idea that there is no in-between, you're either super gritty and violent, or you're more annoying, stupid, and obnoxious than Fanboy & ChumChum and Breadwinners.

It's full of horrible messages that are teaching kids all the WRONG things and pissing the older ones off. And speaking of pissing the older ones off... I can understand if a silly reboot dumbs down the characters, it's common. But these characters have lost EVERYTHING that made them who they were in the original. Yes, Beast Boy and Cyborg are comic-relief characters, but both were very well-layered characters. Cyborg was overcoming the limitation of being part-robot, but was still a funny and likeable character throughout. Raven was so deadpan and stoic in the original that, in contrast to Beast Boy's wacky antics, her bored and indifferent behavior always made what he did that much funnier. In a way, Robin was a similar counter to Beast Boy, as Robin in the original was like most DC superheroes: brave, capable, and respected. His distaste for Beast Boys/Cyborgs little nonsensical moments made things incredibly funny.

In Go, I HATE Robin, I HATE HATE HATE Robin. He's not just the worst character on Cartoon Network right now, he's the worst character in the DC Universe.

So many episodes in Go have me rooting AGAINST the titans. When you're doing that in a show where they're supposed to be the good guys, then the show is a COMPLETE FAILURE.

"Let's Get Serious" was a spit in our face, and "The Return of Slade" was a ratings trap that proceeded to fling feces in original TT fans' faces.

This is an ugly, effortless, pathetic excuse for a program, showing that it's possible to put LESS effort into adobe flash than Johnny Test of all things.

But I think the most offensive thing about this show isn't just how insulting it is, how unfunny it is, or how ugly it is, but the fact that it has higher viewership and exponentially more network promotion than Adventure Time, Regular Show, Gumball, and Steven Universe, four vastly superior shows. As I take from Mr. Enter on YouTube, Adventure Time is better at surreal humor, Regular Show's characters are more likeable, Steven Universe better captures what the original Teen Titans used to be (unique characters with internal struggles but are funny in different ways), and Gumball is better at general humor and comedy as a whole. Teen Titans Go is nothing but a poop-smearing spinoff of something that was great. As I paraphrase from Mr. Enter once more, Teen Titans Go is like taking the Mona Lisa and scribbling genitals all over her face. What's worse is the network loving it and trying to claim it's "Your New Favorite Show". That alone has me yelling expletives as I type this. The network is so backwards. The fans have spoken: Teen Titans Go is the WORST cartoon the network has seen in its 23-year history. The fans have also made it very clear that Steven Universe isn't just Cartoon Network's best show yet, but one of the best animated works of the decade, but Cartoon Network doesn't promote it nearly enough. I understand that word-of-mouth is effective in and of itself, but the fact that the network doesn't acknowledge Steven Universe's overwhelmingly positive critical response and fan appreciation is really disheartening, just as Nickelodeon was towards Avatar: The Last Airbender, and The Legend of Korra (going as far as to make LoK online-exclusive due to low viewership despite stellar critical and viewer reception)

These networks are so backward, but I really hope this will come back and bite them in the butt. Teen Titans Go isn't simply garbage like Fanboy & ChumChum, Breadwinners, or Problem Solverz. Teen Titans Go is a special kind of insulting, offensive, and damaging. I sincerely hope that every employee responsible for this show gets fired, as they knowingly promoted offensively poor animation and some of the worst writing I have ever seen in a television program.

P.S. - Raven eats teeth in a recent episode. One of the HEROES of the show CONSUMES the TEETH of HUMAN CHILDREN, and at the end of the episodes now likes to SNACK ON THEM. Sometimes I wonder if a rant is even necessary to convey to people how bad this show is...
P.P.S - Steven Universe is now on hiatus until 2016, as the writers would like to be more comfortably ahead of their release schedule... Meanwhile, Cartoon Network has renamed "New Thursdays". The block where we get new episodes of Steven Universe, Gumball, Regular Show, and Adventure Time, has been renamed into "NEW TITANS THURSDAYS". Yes, we still have new episodes of Gumball, Regular Show, and Adventure Time, but Cartoon Network puts COUNTDOWNS to each new Teen Titans Go episode, HOURS before airing, solidifying it as CN's "flagship" program now. Cartoon Network has made it very clear...  They have 4 excellent programs (Gumball/RS/AT/SU), but the network itself operates no differently than it did back in 2008. All that matters to them is viewership. Actual reception of their programs means absolutely nothing to them

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